SEO copywriting for online entities

Something to Say and
Saying it Right

Whether you have something to sell or something to say, having a trained writer on your team is the best way to get your message across.  Having quality copy on your website will only enhance your message.  Our copy writers are trained, experienced and get the job done and on time.

We can populate your website with your marketing message and present your ‘voice’ and the essence of your company’s ethos in a way that will engage the user and get you results.  We promise to keep the writing simple, concise and easy to read we can guarantee you quality results.

Our professional writers will keep your goals in mind whilst crafting your message, your story or promoting your products and services.  We can convey either the sense of fun or gravitas you feel befits the feeling behind your company whilst retaining the pertinent facts and details from the raw data you provide.

What Can I Expect From my Copy?

We ensure that everything we craft for you will have an innate readability that means readers will be able to pick up the key points they need to make their decisions and hopefully upsell their purchases.

We will use all the tricks known to web content writers to ensure your visitors will hear what you have to say and not be blinded by words and busyness of the page.

We are very conscious that you want to be found on the internet, our SEO copywriting will position your site in a way that will build relevancy for the terms you are ranking for, without it feeling like the words were unnaturally shoe-horned into the text.

The flow of the piece will be smooth and will follow a natural rhythm for the reader.  We also guarantee that there will be an abundance of vocabulary, whilst keeping our promise of being concise and clear.

What Can I Expect from My Copy Writer?

The copywriting will be checked, checked and checked again.  The spellings, grammar and uniqueness of content will all be checked for you so that you can rest assured that the content you publish on your site will be unique to you.

We can also research into a topic to write specifically detailed articles and blog posts for you.  Your copywriter will also fact check- to the best of their ability – to make sure that the content you publish doesn’t have any glaring mistakes.

We will make sure that your overall goal is maintained in the piece being written for you.  You have commissioned our services with a goal in mind and we will ensure that goal is met.  Is it converting a visitor to a customer?  Is it because you have a passion for what you are offering and you want to share that passion and show everyone else a new, different or better way?  What ever your goal, it is our goal too.

Social Media

Social media has taken off in recent years to such an extent that the larger corporations employ people whose job is solely to maintain social media campaigns and keep a fresh and focused presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We can help you release some of your time by maintaining your social media presence with your own fresh and focused campaign.  We can discuss your plans and requirements and together we can run your social media accounts as you wish you had the time to do.

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