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What is SEO and How Will it Help you?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of augmenting web pages for the Search Engines so they rank higher in the organic results of search engine searches.

What it means in real terms is an increase of traffic to your website and your website coming up on the first page of any search engine results listing.

This may not sound like much, but it is one of the most critical aspects of your website.  By continually updating your website you will achieve a good ranking position on the search engines’ results page.  Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, cultivates the organic inbound search terms which can make or break your website, and is the most effective method for acquiring new clients as you have a captive audience at the crucial time when they are searching for a business or service like yours.

Whether you are a service company, retail, manufacturing or anywhere in-between, people in your region are searching for your services every day. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) puts your website front and center of a captive audience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is so much more than getting ranked quickly or using quick fixes to get your website noticed. In fact, using unethical and forceful SEO techniques is the fastest way to attract a Google penalty and see your website plummet below your competitors’ search engine listings.


How we can help?

We develop and perform SEO services for small to medium business, e-commerce platforms, mobile page optimisation, optimising for local, regional and national search results.

You want to improve your page rankings and we – as an SEO expert – have the tools, strategies and the experience to get you there.  We will analyse your website and make recommendations that can drive high quality results to your website.

There’s more to the SEO potential in your website than you may know.  There are a combination of things that can hurt your search or can help it.  The basic mechanics of your website structure, and overall health of your links, content and page load speed is a great place to start.

Our initial consultations are always free and we can teach you what it takes to be on the first page of any search engine results and, more importantly, how to stay there. Our white hat SEO methods deliver long-term results that aren’t susceptible to the notorious Google penalties which have wiped out the rankings of websites using older, outdated and shady techniques.

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Based on our findings we can recommend specific SEO services, like content development, social media optimisation, on-page SEO, and blogging that will help bring your website to the top of Google, or any other search engine’s list. Then we will monitor the SEO to see how your website is performing and can update as needed. Our #1 goal is to earn your place on Google.

What Will We Do for You?

We will analyse:

We will completely optimise the pages of your website. Our Cleveland SEO experts will ensure that your website is telling Google EXACTLY what it needs to know about your business.


We take advantage of numerous and powerful web properties to make sure that your website earns a place of prominence in the internet universe. Our Cleveland SEO company will show Google that your website is being talked about, shared and used as a resource all across the web.


These days it is vital that a business appear in the “Maps Pack” – the search results from Google Maps that appears at the top of the regular search results. Our Cleveland SEO Agency has achieved great results in getting our clients ranked in Maps for numerous keywords.


Based on your initial recommendations we provide you with a list of keywords that will be used to optimise your website. Once you have approved this list, we shall start using these words to optimise your website to achieve a top ranking for those words and phrases. The keywords we select will be targeting searches that will be appropriate to your location and services.


We will analyse your competitors web pages to find out what works for them and create a strategy to beat them in the search engine results pages


We will rewrite your site’s content to make it more search engine friendly. All new content will be approved by you prior to publishing.


We do not trick search engines into giving your site a page 1 listing, instead we give the search engines and its users exactly what they are looking for by creating content that closely matches your targeted keywords. This will get your site listed and eliminate the risk of any penalty for manipulating Google’s search index.
Good content marketing will bring your business more web traffic, better quality leads and improved brand awareness. It also helps you to develop long-lasting relationships that will ensure your customers keep coming back.

Nearly all Search Engines use a site link popularity (the number of other web sites that carry a link pointing to your site) as a criteria for ranking your Web site. To increase your link popularity we will start a link building campaign where we will increase the number of inbound links to your site Blogger outreach connects you with online influencers in your industry to build genuine relationships and create authentic, inspiring content.

The only effective way to increase traffic and conversions in the long term is to tap into the power of organic search. In doing so, you will increase the reach, trust and authority of your brand and experience more conversions and profits as a result.

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