Virtual Tour & 360 Photography

What is a Virtual Tour?

We are so used to Google Street View, that whenever we are going somewhere new it’s almost second nature to have a quick look on Google just to see where we’re heading and feel fully prepared.  A virtual tour is just like street view, but inside your business. It gives you a chance to showcase the inside of your shop, restaurant, or business and give your customers a chance to virtually come inside and visit you.

360 Virtual Tour of the Kavanagh Pharmacy in Enniscorthy

The 360 degree walk-through also allows you to expose your business to Google’s billions of users by giving you visibility on Google searches and on Google maps.  It is a great way for businesses to show their culture, unique store features, products, and even the surroundings that make a business special. A Virtual Walk-Through Tour is an easy way to enhance your web presence and create a way of showing off your business to people browsing the web. So many businesses are hard to find, but offer amazing products and service; this is a chance to demonstrate your store’s beauty and enhance the potential and gain more visibility online.

How can your business benefit from our virtual tour?

In this digital age Businesses are always looking for new ways to find and gain recognition and effectively market their products or services.  New ways to stand out from the competition. There are many ways to accomplish this; whether it be the use of social media, traditional advertising, the development of a website, SEOs, and much more. Despite the importance of successfully implementing these methods of marketing, businesses should be distinguished in the way they appear online to capture a strong and unique internet presence. Fortunately, there is something new, unique, and welcoming in the world of online marketing. I’m talking about virtual tours.

Virtual tours are created by stitching multiple high-quality images together, resulting in a 360-degree panorama. This allows for the most realistic presentation of your business for clients online. 2-dimensional images are still nice, but do not give clients the satisfaction of experiencing the business for what it truly is. This will give your clients the ability to see the full depth of the beauty of your business and in full detail.

Virtual tours are still very new in the game and many businesses are yet to attach one to their online presence, meaning that you will have a marketing advantage.  Being ahead of the competition is a big reason why investing in a 360 walk-through is imperative. According to Pew Internet Life Study websites with virtual tours generate 40% more views than the ones without. This is a substantial amount that should not be overlooked.

Virtual Tour Statistics

Why do I need to have a virtual tour of my business?

You may have been scared away by the cost of Virtual tour services you have seen. The price of a Virtual Tour in Ireland  starts from around 400 euro for five hotspots – and to be honest, this price actually seems fair.  Here is why the charge is what it is. One 360 sphere high quality photo consists of up to 10 pictures, taken one by one, with a DSLR camera and then stitched together with premium software. It is likely that the pictured interior requires use of a technique called bracketing, which means each of the 10 pictures needs to be taken at least three times – the material for just one sphere has been gathered.

Now, it needs to be converted into a virtual tour, edited, corrected and uploaded to Google Street View and/or to a professional presentation software. It’s not surprising that the whole process takes at least a week to complete.  What seems like an hour or two’s work at your premises then has a week’s work to create the finished product.

This kind of service is crucial for spacious places with numerous important details, such as hotels and B&Bs.  The goal of the virtual tour is to highlight beautiful hotel lobbies, and well maintained rooms. Art galleries and museums, colleges and universities, shopping centers all benefit from this exposure. But what about restaurants, coffee shops, business offices, retail shops, hair salons, spas, fitness clubs, dentist or doctor surgeries?  and many other facilities where the goal of the virtual tour is to give the visitors the great experience of the business, its atmosphere and the feeling, so they feel at home when they arrive at your door?

We offer a service that is tailored for small businesses, priced at a fraction of the full DSLR service and the turnaround is just three days. We will use a high quality 360 camera and take pictures in HDR mode, look after the techie side of the process and submit your tour to the Google Street View directory.  We can offer alternative software solutions for the tour presentation.

The service comes in packet with Google My Business setup and optimization, we will then embed your virtual tour on your website and your social media. There’s one additional advantage of this service for small businesses; if you want to keep your virtual tour up to date with your seasonal decorations, we can turn up every now and then and update your virtual tour with a 30% discount.

Whichever service you prefer, we’re ready to scan your premises and present them to your prospects in the most efficient way – just as you wish.

Virtual Tour Pricing


Standard Quality
  • Single Viewpoint
  • Up to 5 Interactive Hotspots
  • Google Street View Integration
  • FB & Website embeddding
  • Hosting Annual Fee €35

Small Business

Standard Quality
  • Up to 8 Viewpoints
  • Up to 10 Interactive Hotspots
  • Google Maps & Street View
  • FB & Website embeddding
  • Hosting Annual Fee €35

Medium Business

Standard Quality
  • Up to 15 Viewpoints
  • Up to 20 Interactive Hotspots
  • Google Maps & Street View
  • FB & Website embeddding
  • Hosting Annual Fee €35

Real Estate

Standard Quality
  • Up to 25 Viewpoints
  • Unlimited Interactive Hotspots
  • Google Maps & Street View
  • FB & Website embeddding
  • Landing Page
  • Hosting Annual Fee €65
Benefits of a virtual tour
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