How Much Does A Website Cost?

Web Design

Web Design

Website design cost

What is included in the website cost?

We approach building a website in a truly holistic way, as we believe a website itself is just one form of creating the online presence of your business. It never exists as a standalone entity, but rather comes connected with social media, search engines, many Google services and developer’s tools. Usually, an owner of a website cares about their ranking in search engine results – at least for the main keywords, which requires some serious SEO work work.  This may sound like an overwhelming amount of work just to get your business presence online, but the good news is we’ve got you covered on all of this!

What are we going to do for free?

The basics to build on.
Ranging from the simplest of landing pages* built on a standard theme right up to a bespoke eCommerce website with hundreds of products, we believe our pricing covers everything.
So, once we strike a deal, we will rush to register your domain and set up hosting; CMS; SSL certification and work with you to decide the website theme. Then we’ll design and develop your website.  As part of that we will optimize the content, to ensure main search engines find it easily and start ranking it within their search results.

Free extras - way beyond the standard.

In the meantime, we will take some pictures of your business if you don’t have any.  Also take a few 360 photographs – just enough to create a short virtual tour around your premises and upload it to Google Street View, so everyone can get acquainted with your business. 

We will create, or claim, Google My Business on your behalf and pin your name on Google Maps, so your customers can find your shop and get precise directions.

Basic SEO and the speed up process

As we progress, and you’re happy with the website design we will optimize the text, pictures and videos (we love to provide our customers with a lot of freebies, but video creation is not one of them, unfortunately). In order to make your website load quicker, we will work on speeding it up until it gets at least double B rate on GTmetrix.

Let’s create a noise!

This is the best moment to connect your website and your Google properties with your social media accounts to get your visitors funneled to your website and the other way around.

At the end of the process we will set up tools like Google Analytics and Search Console.

Your website goes live!

We will test and correct any mistakes and will supervise your website for a month for free. In that time we will ask you to decide whether you want us to manage the maintenance of your website, ensuring its seamless performance and security, by picking up one of our maintenance packages; or if you would prefer to do it yourself. If the latter is the case, we will train you in what you will need to do in a free three hour training session.

The small print.

All this work comes with every package with just a small caveat: we ask for an annual fee of €185 from the second year onwards (the first year is included in all the packages). This covers the domain and theme renewal, hosting, SSL and regular backups.

*as the price for our Landing Page Package is the equivalent of our annual fee, which basically means we will work on your website for free, we ask that you to pay for three years of annual fees upfront.

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