Website maintenance is a crucial service provided by Icarus Web Development

The Value of Regular Website Maintenance

Working for a small organisation, or if you’re an entrepreneur and the small organisation is yours, you know just how hard it is to keep on top of your admin, let alone the extra tasks of website maintenance.  Running and developing your business seems to swell into all the time you have and it is so easy to overlook something that seems as inconsequential as site maintenance.

Inconsequential it isn’t.  Regular website maintenance is vital for your website’s long term health.  You need to keep your site secure, and stable, by doing regular WordPress updates.  All the plugins you use to run your website will also need to be kept updated ensuring your site works as expected.s

Staying Fresh, Keeping it Current

Web maintenance isn’t just about making sure your software is working, it is also about keeping your content new and alive.  Regular updates on what you are saying, and editing the bits that are already there will keep your site relevant and engaging for all your visitors.  Adding new content on a regular basis will also have a positive impact on your website’s ability to rank highly in the search engine results.

Who’s Got Your Back?

Many people only think about their backup systems when it is too late.  However, having a reliable backup is another facet of website maintenance services that needs to be incorporated into your maintenance routine.  Regular site backups will ensure your data is safe. When the worse happens you want to be sure you haven’t lost any important data and having a solid, reliable backup plan ready for implementation that will ensure your business doesn’t lose out should something go wrong.

You Can Only Make a First Impression Once

If you are an artisan that usually trades at farmers’ markets and fares then you can set up an online store with WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce and Maintaingo.  However, your website is often the first point of contact, or the only point of contact for many of your customers and having the right website is a critical part of business development, marketing and public information strategies.  An outdated, inaccurate or just plain old ugly website will deter new customers, leaving them with a feeling of mistrust of your professionalism and products. Ongoing web maintenance is the best way to give new customers the best first impression.

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